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Within our community there are three villages; Arthog, Fairbourne and Friog.  On the west side it borders on Gallt Ffynnon yr Hydd or Allt y Friog as it is known locally. Eastwards, it extends as far as Islaw’r Dre.  Northwards, to the banks of the Mawddach, and south as far as the slopes of Craig Cwm Llwyd, Craig y Llyn and Tyrrau Mawr.  It is an area of outstanding beauty, especially the Cregennan Lakes and the river Mawddach, which attract many visitors.  Another feature, close to the village of Arthog, is the Mawddach Trail, which leads to Barmouth Bridge.

Sheep-farming is the main source of work in the highlands, with some of these farms forming part of the Penmaen Uchaf estate in the past, but nowadays most are owned by the farmers themselves, with the National Trust owning a few.

Both Friog and Fairbourne are later developments; up to the mid-1800s this was fallow land.  They were developed by Arthur McDougall (of flour-making fame), and now have almost evolved into one entity with many holiday cottages there.

Also within the community is a strong sense of history going back many centuries.  Llys Bradwen has been dated back to the 12th century.  There is a Stone Circle - this monument dating back to 2,000 BC, and the remains of Eglwys Goel.  Discoveries have been made from the Bronze Age, and on Pared y Gefnhir above Cregennan it is said there are  the remains of an ancient fort.  There are also the sites of more recent industrial activity - namely Arthog quarry and the Goleuwern quarry at Friog, which employed many from the mid 1800s onwards, although these quarries were only open for a short period.   

In these pages you can get an overview of what the Council does as well as obtaining some useful information about the area.

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